LED Downlights


Set the right mood with expert lighting installation

Every cosy home needs an artificial sun to keep it good company until the real one wakes up. At Fantastic Handyman, we can offer you a wide range of contemporary lighting that will make your abode shine bright like a star. Not to mention that a well-lit home will attract lots of potential buyers. So, instead of trying to unscrew the chandeliers on your own, let the pros help you by:

  • Installing modern lighting for you with the latest tools & methods on the market;
  • Fitting ceiling fans and ceiling light boxes in accordance with all safety rules;
  • Adorning your living room or kitchen ceiling with elegant light boxes;
  • Safely connecting any other lighting fixtures to your home’s power grid;
  • Helping you choose modern lighting that doesn’t exceed your budget.
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    TV & Home Theatre


    The easy way to enjoy your wall-mounted TV

    TV mounting

    Are you eager to install that new flat screen TV? Are you still trying to figure out where to mount it exactly?

    Enjoy the benefits of the Fantastic Handyman TV installation Service:

  • We send a fully insured professional within 2 days of your initial request;
  • We carefully unpack your unit and help you choose the best location for a wall mount;
  • Install wall brackets to your chosen position while safely mounting your flat television to the wall;
  • Tune in your TV and wire any other existing equipment;
  • Installation of your new home cinema or sound bar system upon request;
  • Making sure all wires are neatly tucked away;
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    Smoke Alarm Install


    Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Replacement  Installation

    Do you have some smoke detector or electrical work you need doing? If you would like to get hard wired smoke detectors replacement around Canning or Armadale then you are in luck. Don’t settle for below average work from any random smoke detector electrician. Choose licensed, experienced smoke detector installers who know what they are doing. Each hard wired smoke detectors replacement project we perform is treated as a priority and completed in a timely manner. We want to be your number one choice of smoke detector installers if you need any electrical work in the future. Our reputation as the best hard wired smoke detectors replacement company in the New London area is really important to us and we promise to give you high quality work at a reasonable price. If you need any type of smoke detectors work just fill out our fast and easy contact form, tell us what you need, and we will get back to you quickly with a quote for our services. read more

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    Best Tips on Hiring Cheaper Electricians


    cheaper electricians 24/7

    When looking for electricians, there are essential tips that you need to look at. These are the things covering your preferences and needs aside from the fact that someone said it to you. What should be the qualities that cheaper electricians 24/7possess? What should the qualifications and standards? Who should be your first option to choose and why? Where is the place to get your electrician? Can you get experts from private companies? Without further ado, here is the checklist of the best tips on hiring cheaper electricians 24/7. read more

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    An Overview Of The Different Electrician Courses For Beginners


    In case you need to begin a profession as an electrical expert and you don’t have earlier electrical preparation or training, you can look over numerous courses that are composed particularly for the beginners to the filed who are clueless about what to take if they want to pursue a career in being an electrician. Numerous schools or colleges offer certificates or licenses, diplomas and associate courses which does not require the student to have background information. Each one course offers a fundamental outline of the functional information that focuses on a specific area in where you need to practice as an electrician. read more

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    Why Choose Electrician Canningvale to Do Repair and Installation?


    Anywhere around the globe, electricity is an important commodity. More so in Canningvale, where a lot of the machines and technologies that keep the area alive rely on electricity to keep them up and running.  Without it, we would be helpless in many ways as most of our technologies run on electricity. But while it is a vital commodity, not everyone is equipped to handle it. An incorrect installation of electrical wiring’s could be hazardous to your safety. It is therefore of utmost importance that you get the proper professionals to do the task at hand. It is definitely a good idea to get an electrician Canningvale from reputable electrical contractors Canningvale. read more

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    Electrician Experts – What are Their Characteristics?


    Electrician Experts – What are Their Characteristics?

    An electrician is meant to work in a variety of environments as they get assigned to different places from time to time. His work is focused on the electrical wiring of machines that are stationary, buildings or structures, and other equipment. This means that electrician experts are supposed to be able to deal with varying scenarios every day. They should be able to cope with different situations effectively and in a manner that will allow them to complete their operations. Due to these, we can say that there are important characteristics that electrician experts should possess for them to be able to complete their tasks. read more

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