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Basically, every kitchen must have a range hood installation. The main function of a range hood is to drive out smoke, eliminate odors, reduce oil, and vent the circulated air outside the home. Range hoods appear in a mixture of designs, sizes, materials and colors. Most household prefer a range hood installation that serves as a fan, or to function as light when cooking something in the oven. Oftentimes, it adds complement and decoration or as a great centerpiece to a neat kitchen.

When shopping for range hoods, keep in mind that the size should match the design and framework of the stove top. Some range hoods have an installed time delay settings that can be programmed to turn the fan and lights off consequently. Others have a clock that tells the client when the time to clean the filters must be done. However, to ensure an optimum performance from your range hoods, consult a professional range hood installations services company.

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Here are some basic types of range hood installations to choose from and the reasons why it must be installed by a skilled range hood installations expert.

Types Of Range Hood Installations

There are two essential types of range hoods; the ducted and non-ducted. Ducted range hoods draw smoke and vapors outside through vents. Non-ducted hoods re-circulate the air into the kitchen in the wake of pulling it through carbon filters for cleaning.

Undercupboard Range Hoods

This type of range hoods are introduced by joining them to the underside of kitchen cupboards. They might be ducted through the cupboards or non-ducted.

Wall Mounted Range Hood

It usually has an unmistakable vent stack along the kitchen wall when there are no cupboards over the cooking stove. Additionally called chimney stack hoods, these units could be exceptionally jazzy.

Island Range Hoods

Basically, it seem as though they are detached over a stove top, however they are immovably secured in and vented through ventilation work in the roof.

How Andrew’s Home Services Will Install Your New Range Hoods

Andrew’s Home Services is well acquainted with all kinds of range hoods installation, from top mounted island range hoods to space- saving adjustable range hoods. In case you have an old unit of range hood installed in your kitchen, Andrew’s Home Services can securely replace it, adjust your cupboards (if obliged), and introduce the new one in its place, all accomplished within the specific time frame allotted to the range hood installation. If it is truly necessary, Andrew’s and his staff of certified electricians can also supervise the ducting process required when installing an outdoor range hood set up. They do the drill work, wall adjustments and flashing work. These additional services are included in the quotes before you hire their services. They also offer maintenance and  safety tips on how to take care of your unit so you can enjoy longer service and quality performance from your range hood installations.  Andrew’s Home Services can give proper estimates and quotes if you contact their 24/7 hotline number 08 92734019.


Installing a range hood can be a tricky task to accomplish and introduced in your kitchen. Do not attempt to figure it out on your own as it requires loads of experience and knowledge about duct making and configuring the installation to the design of your kitchen. Let the professional range hood installations company like Andrew’s Home Services handle the job and watch your kitchen stove top transform like magic inside your household.