Safety Guidelines for Residential Electrical Service Technicians In Canning vale

When working with power lines or you hired an electrical technician to manage the regular maintenance of your electrical components at home ensure that safety and well being be the top most priority before undertaking the project.  Even a light electric stun can be deadly and most electrical mishaps at home are caused by faulty electrical wirings and connections. Secure your family and your home by asking your electrical technician in Canning vale to install a safety switch have all your working appliances checked if it’s still in good condition along with the cords, plugs, lighting fixtures, and power outlets in your home.


General Electrical Safety Precautions Checklist

1. Have an authorized electrical repairman check your home’s wiring consistently, particularly in houses that have very old electrical framework.

2. In the event that you get an electric stun from taps or water funnels, switch off the power at the primary switch and call an electrical service contractor in Canning vale immediately. This could imply that your house is potentially unsafe to stay on as the faulty wirings may have already affected the water line system.

3. Water is considered as a good conductor of electricity. Never utilize electrical machines where they could come into contact with water and guarantee that they are not situated where children may have the capacity to draw them into the bathroom, shower or sink.

4.Don’t place playground  swings, clotheslines or hanging wicker baskets on bars or trees that have electrical wires joined to them or have electrical power lines near them.

5. Switch the power off before changing light bulbs and fixtures.


1. Switch off appliances when not being used and before replacing the electrical plug from the power outlet. A few appliances, for example, a TV sets may in any case have power going through them despite the fact that they are switched off from the main set.

2. Never utilize faulty electrical equipment at home. In case a machine neglects to work, blows a wire, overheats, starts or provides for you an electric stun, detach the apparatus and have it checked by an authorized electrical technician.

3. Don’t leave machines, for example, radiators, electric covers, stoves and broilers on if you are going on a vacation someplace else and far from home.

4. Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands.

5. If an electrical appliance accidentally falls into the water discard it promptly (cut off the power cord so it can’t be utilized once more).


6. Do not remove toast from a toaster with a metal blade or any other metal articles.

Power Outlets, Plugs, and Cords

1. Broken or wrongly wired attachments and cords are the most widely recognized reason for electrical accidents in and around the home.

2. Always unplug a cord from the power outlet by holding the head of the plug firmly.  Don’t yank the cord or push your fingers between the plug and the power outlet.

3. Insert plastic safety plugs for exposed power outlets to prevent kids from touching them.

4. Don’t endeavor to repair a broken or loose wiring connection, by yourself. Call an authorized electrical technician to do the wiring work.

5. Be mindful of what amount of current the machines you connect to a power outlet require. The rule applies with changing light bulbs, follow the specified wattage to avoid circuit overload and house fire.

6. Avoid octopus connections in one single power outlet. It may cause power trip and wires to overheat if constantly used and connected to many appliances.


It is of extreme priority to think of safety and security of your home above everything else. Having your electrical connections and system inside your home checked by a licensed electrical technician not only saves you money, time and property, you will also find peace of mind and a great sense of security knowing your home is totally safe from any accidental mishaps caused by faulty electrical wiring and appliances.